maandag 23 januari 2012

Yes please

Around Christmas I came across this book from Taschen and it is one beautiful book! Especially for the Paris lovers. There are a lot of very good pictures in this book from very different times. A must have for me! 
While I'm searching the internet a little bit and reading the new Vogue Paris and L'officiel Paris, I'm writing some motivation lettres too for a new job in Paris. I'ts very hard to get a job here because there are not to many and with that to many people. Well, we'll see! If anyone has a good idea, don't hesitate and tell me!
Today I also went to my french cours. I loved it. It was my first day at the school and the people are already so nice. Went home with a lot of new words and such in my head. A good day! 

Image by Taschen

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