donderdag 26 januari 2012

Maybe blond? Very blond?

What creativity can be

This is my favorite film of all time. Love the styling, filmed in a genius way that all of your seances will get a taste. Definitely one of my goals in live, make a creative movie with a good story line. Everything that this movie is.

maandag 23 januari 2012

Yes please

Around Christmas I came across this book from Taschen and it is one beautiful book! Especially for the Paris lovers. There are a lot of very good pictures in this book from very different times. A must have for me! 
While I'm searching the internet a little bit and reading the new Vogue Paris and L'officiel Paris, I'm writing some motivation lettres too for a new job in Paris. I'ts very hard to get a job here because there are not to many and with that to many people. Well, we'll see! If anyone has a good idea, don't hesitate and tell me!
Today I also went to my french cours. I loved it. It was my first day at the school and the people are already so nice. Went home with a lot of new words and such in my head. A good day! 

Image by Taschen

Craving for some sun

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Photography -Paolo Roversi-

Wouw... I would be his intern for the rest of my live.... I think I said enough with his pictures. Sorry, couldn't choose...

Images by just browsing around the internet

zondag 15 januari 2012


One of my favorite spots in whole Paris is Merci. I'ts a very big shop where they sell fashion, furniture and everything that comes with that. Very cool things with a very good design. The fashion part of the shop is crazy! They have all the good stuff, just like Colette has (post earlier). 

You can find them here:

Be there when you're in Paris! That's a deal I think.

Images by Merci

vrijdag 13 januari 2012

T by Alexander Wang

Dear readers,
Pre-Fall 2012 T by Alexander Wang

What a great collection this is again. I know, a lot of images. Couldn't choose again! Think that this is what you would like to wear on a regular base, during the day and also going to diner or whatever you like to do. Comfy and very beautiful and minimalistic at the same time. Like!


Images from

The Row

Dear readers,
Pre-Fall 2012 The Row

I think you guys know already how much I love The Row, so I won't take it too far this time. I will just say one thing: Perfection! And look at that hair. I want it!

Alexander Wang

Dear readers,
Pre-Fall 2012 Alexander Wang

The Alexander Wang collection is again very simple, taking it back to the suits and you can find a little bit of his sportswear in it. Beatifull combination of fabrics and I think these are unique looks, especially the second look. How about that jacket?? Love at first side for me!





Dear readers,
Celine Pre-Fall 2012

What a pieces!
First time I saw it my heart was raising, I was in love with every look. It was so hard to pick some of my favorites because it's actually everything that I love about this collection. With every picture I screamed a little bit of joy. Oh yes! She did it again. I love it. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous, the dark blue with the black is one of my favorite combinations, I wear it all the time. The fur, the leather, the suits, the coats, the jackets, the flared pants... Please.. I want it all! It is my perfect wardrobe and I'm not going to stop until I reach this wardrobe! Amen on that.